Friday 12 September 2008

Farthing Corner - Fardon Corner - Last Prize Fight

Message for Freddie Cooper - Hello my name is Jeff Farthing.

My Great Great Great Grandfather was John Farthing Born in 1763 in Trimley St Martin In Suffolk, He married a Jane (Barber) (Their children shown below)!!!!!!!!
The local family history society in Felixstowe have transposed information in a book which they have published.
In the book 4 of John Farthing's children were mentioned as having the surname (Fardon) Sarah born in 1793 Twins born in 1795 Britannia & Rebecca John born in 1798 (My Gt Gt Grandfather) Then........................
1801 Mary (Farthing) was born
1802 Robert (Farthing) was born
1809 Elizabeth (Farthing)was born

So circa 1798 - 1801 Fardon may have changed to Farthing.

You wrote an article re the last bareknuckle prize fight which you said mentioned fardon's corner which you were unable to find on any map, maybe changed from Fardon Corner to Farthing Corner, around the time of my possible family name change, could be a large Fardon/Farthing family lived there ???

Farthing name is linked to many village names in UK & Norway, there was a Viking King Farthegn, possibly why there are so many village names with Farthing in them and maybe variants of the name ??, He came from Karmoy in Norway.

Their is a Farthing Corner Rainham Kent ME8 8PQ (Possibly the place you were trying to locate ??)

I hope that the above may be of interest to you