Saturday 29 November 2008


A tribute to Ron & Milly Hoad,

How beautiful the Kentish air,
With pleasant sound of bird so rare,
The lark, the nightingale, the thrush,
At dawn and in the twilight hush,
I count myself, as so much blessed,
That all these gifts I have possessed,
And praise to God, that I have spent,
So much of life, in glorious Kent.

written by R K Hoad

Saturday 15 November 2008

Major Site Updates

The site has undergone a major update today to freshen the look and fix some navigation issues. There are also a number of new articles and photos that have been added.

It has been tested in Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 but if any errors are spotted please get in touch as not all pages may have been checked.

If you have any comments about the site please let me know.

Saturday 8 November 2008

Mystery Photographs - Berengrave Lane Rainham 1900s

I was contacted recently by someone selling a postcard of Berengrave Lane Rainham on Ebay that was virtually identical to one that is on the Rainham History site. Nothing strange there you might think - except on closer inspection the majority of photo is completely identical - all the people are in the same poses and same positions but with the addition of 2 young lads in the foreground.

There are a couple of possibilities. Firstly that 2 shots were taken and the lads wandered into one shot. The other that the lads were added or removed in the darkroom at a later date which looks to be the more likely possibility.
Have a look and see what you think!