Tuesday 29 May 2012

Falklands War: Casualty secrecy fuels fear on toll

Falklands War: Casualty secrecy fuels fear on toll
The Guardian news headlines - Falklands War: Casualty secrecy fuels fear on toll

Friday 25 May 2012

Falklands War 1982 - British Propaganda Leaflets

As the Falklands War was drawing to a conclusion in May 1982 the British were dropping propaganda leaflets across the islands to encourage the Argentine soldiers, primarily conscripts to surrender and to generally try to damage their morale.

Falklands War Safe conduct pass leaflet

Falklands war propaganda leaflets

Falklands war propaganda leaflets - Radio Atlantico Del Sur
These are copies of the leaflets dropped by the British forces in the Falkands War. The leaflets include messages in English and Spanish as well of details of a radio station broadcasting messages to the Argentine troops. The leaflet has a Safe Conduct pass included on one page to allow the Argentinian troops to surrender safely and guaranteeing their safe passage. It was believed that they had been told by their commanders that the British would kill them rather than take prisoners.

Radio Atlantico Del Sur broadcast on 9.71MHz.

Tuesday 15 May 2012


I am working on an exciting new property programme for a major TV channel.  The show will transmit in a prime time slot.

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I wondered if this might be something for your members/parents and I would be grateful if you would consider bringing the show to their attention.    

Splash Media are an independent television production company founded in 2006 by ex BBC Head of Entertainment Jane Lush and BBC Executive Fenia Vardanis.
We have developed and broadcast successful property shows in the past such as Fantasy Homes by the Sea and Celebrity Fantasy Homes with Gaby Roslin, Piers Morgan On…Dubai/ Monte Carlo/ Sandbanks etc for ITV1 and we are currently in production with a new property series called Marbella Mansions. Splash Media has experience of working with major British Broadcasters making a wide range of programmes including James Martin’s Operation Hospital Food for BBC ONE, Great British Hairdresser for E4 and Cleverdicks, a new quiz hosted by Ann Widdecombe for SKY.

Please contact  SarahAllen@splashmediatv.co.uk

Saturday 5 May 2012

Falklands War - News Headlines 6 May 1982 - Two Jets Lost

Falklands War - News Headlines 6 May 1982 -  Two Jets Lost as peace efforts founder

Falklands War - News Headlines 6 May 1982 -  Two Jets Lost

Falklands War - News Headlines 5 May 1982 - Fleet may pull back to avoid missile attacks

The burning hulk of the destroyer HMS Sheffield was still visible off the Falklands yesterday visible proof of a fatal flaw in the air defences of the Royal Navy's task force. She was lying about 70 miles from the islands' coast, where she was hit on Tuesday aHernoon by a longrange missile from an Argentinian naval bomber.
Fleet may pull back to avoid missile attacks

Friday 4 May 2012

Temperance Hotel -Station Road Rainham, Bessie Humpreys

I have received the message below. If anyone is able to help shed any light on the questions please post your replies as comments below: I was guided to your address through your web site, and also from Freddie Cooper’s site, and wondered whether you could offer me any suggestions for solving a family mystery? My paternal grandparents (who I did not know) were from Northampton where my grandfather was a shoe maker. They married in 1887 in a Baptist church in that city and immediately moved to Brighton where he set up a small shop making and selling his shoes and boots in Edwards Street. They remained in Brighton for the rest of their lives and had 8 children, the last 5 of which were born in Rainham between 1895 and 1905. I only have the birth certificate of the last child who was my father who died in 1967, and this gives his place of birth in 1905 as ‘Station Road, Rainham’. The mystery is why my grandmother went all the way to Rainham for her confinement. We can find no family connection with the town, and a quick glance at the 1901 census only offers the remote possibility of the Temperance Hotel in Station Road where the ‘Head’ was a Bessie Humphreys single, age 27, whose occupation was Midwife (?LOS) and she was born in Brighton. She was 12 years younger than my grandmother which seems o.k. and it may be that she undertook her midwifery course at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Kemp Town, Brighton which is close to where my grandparents lived. Probably wishful thinking but I can find no other slight link between my grandparents and Rainham and wondered whether you might tell me any more about the Temperance Hotel or it’s Bessie Humphreys, or whether you might have any other thoughts about why she should have travelled to your town. Any ideas or suggestions will be most welcome, Thank you, Chris Woods retired mariner, Norfolk (born Brighton)

Falkland War - News Headlines 4 May 1982 - HMS Sheffield Destroyed

Falkland War - News Headlines 4 May 1982 - HMS Sheffield & Sea Harrier Destroyed

HMS Sheffield was hit by an Exocet missile from an Argentine bomber and a Sea Harrier was shot down while attacking an airstrip on the Falklands. The news was announced by the Ministry of Defence by their spokesman Ian Macdonald in what was to become a familiar voice over the coming weeks as all news from the frontline was far more controlled than is the case now with internet. It is hard to believe now how restricted the news at the time was and that word of casualties could be contained. Later on in the war the attacks on soldiers disembarking were kept secret for several days leading to speculation about the extent of the losses which will be seen in future headlines.

Falkland War - News Headlines 5 May 1982 - HMS Sheffield Destroyed

Thursday 3 May 2012

Falklands War News Headlines 1982 - Exclusion Zone Extended

Falklands War News Headlines 1982 - Exclusion Zone Extended

Falklands War News Headlines - Zone Extended

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Wettest April for 100 Years - Highest April Rain since Records Began

The Met Office have now confirmed that April 2012 was the wettest April for 100 years or since records began. Our weather station shows the massive variation between March and April 2012 with March showing 20mm of rain and April recording a massive 137mm of rain falling during the month.

Wettest April for a century - highest monthly rainfall since records began
You can view the Rainham weather station records here with the rainfall figures for April 2012 as well as previous months.