Friday 18 July 2008

Tunnels in Bredhurst

My name is Mark Price and I may have something you maybe interested in.
I came across your web-site while looking for someone that maybe able to shead some light on something I found a couple of years ago in Bredhurst Woods, Bredhurst.

It appears to be some type of small round underground man made tunnel with its own fireplace. One side is what I think is hand made brick, the other carvered out of rock and chalk. I realise that I'm not being very decryptive so I've added some photos I've taken to so you can have a look for yourself. Also very close to the tunnel lays a chalk cave which someone dug. The cave goes into the side of a chalk wall about 10/15 feet and just wondered if you could guess what they were used for?

I would be greatful for any information you maybe able to give.

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Unknown said...

hi. i was wondering if your could let me know the location of there tunnels as im quite interested in seeing them for myself.