Sunday 5 April 2009

Rainham Cement Works

This message was received from Eddy Newport regarding the cement works at Berengrave Lane.

Dear sir
I like to draw your attention to the following web site

This site has been put together by Brian Baker chairman of Friends of Berengrave Local Nature Reserve. The web site will explain everything we stand for and trying to achieve regarding the reserve site.

At the moment we are undertaking a archaeological investigation in the area adjacent to the two derelict wash mill in the nature reserve. The object is to find out how the actual site worked when it was running in its heyday. On an old OS map we noticed that a building was marked opposite the WMs and two members of FoB have been working on the site removing detritus and discovering many interesting features.

In doing this work we are finding more questions than answers about how it worked. We have found many support structures but we are confused as to what they did. To cut a long story short, I was wondering if it possible that any of your members may have some information or old photos showing anything about the cement and chalk workings that and can give us a clue as to how it worked.
The site has moved on since the web site was updated and a lot more has been excavated.

Feel free to come down and see what we are doing there.ED

Tip. go into the web site click in artefacts and follow the link to the archaeological investigation and see what we are doing.

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