Tuesday 13 October 2009

The Smallholders Club - Wigmore Kent

I have received the following message today. If anyone is able to assist can you reply here so that the Smallholders Club can see the responses.


Can you help, I work for the Wigmore & District Smallholders Club and am trying to track down how long the club has been in exsistant. September 1924 is my last record but there is a picture of the smallholders which could be older than that?
We have no records in the Club before 1976- unfortunetly they were destroyed by fire.

We have no idea if we have a centuary in the near future or if we've missed it.

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David Auger said...

A Cyril Andrews was the first occupant of our house in Broadview Avenue, and I have been investigating his background. My notes include "On 1 August 1914 a Mr and Mrs Andrews were among the entertainers at the “house-warming” of the Wigmore and District Smallholders’ Club". You can contact me direct for more information at davidauger1@hotmail.com.