Monday 15 February 2010

Lipton Shop - High Street Rainham Kent, 1920s

I have attached a photo of a shop that I believe was located in HighSt Rainham in the 1920's. The person in the middle was my father Percy Jacobs who was born in Rainham, I think at High street. My grandfather was born in Upchurch he was a shepherd, I think it was at Greenboro' Marsh. In fact all of the Jacobs family was born, married and died in and around Rainham. I know that William Jacobs born 1791 was born in the are, probably Upchurch and his father Edward Jacobs born 1765 was I believe born in Rainham. I have done some research using Ancestry. com but now I am trying any other avenue to see what I can unearth. I am also looking back at the maternal family line which also springs from Rainham, the Hawks being one.

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Bryan said...

I was very interested in the item on the Jacobs family as I am Married to a Jacobs born in Rainham. I also have undertaken some work on the family tree which can be found in the
'My Heritage' site. I am always interested in more information on the Jacobs family and their history