Thursday 28 April 2011

Mobile Phone Mast Campaign - Wigmore and Hempstead

When running the Rainham History site I have always tried to keep a neutral stance on local issues to avoid any controversy. However the local paper today is reporting a campaign to stop a new mobile phone mast being erected in Durham Road is one that I feel needs to be highlighted. My personal view is that this is a crazy decision to try to stop the mast being installed. The huge majority of people use mobile phones and want to be able to have good coverage. It is all very well having campaigners stating that masts should be erected in commercial areas only; however most people who want to be able to use their mobile phone do not live in a commercial area and want to be able to make phone calls at home.

Mobile phone masts are needed where people want to use their mobile phones. If the campaigners are prepared to accept that they will not use a mobile phone themselves then they may have a case but anyone using a mobile themselves has no justification to then stop a mast being erected or they risk being accused of hypocrisy. The coverage around Wigmore area is particularly poor and this mast will resolve the problem by filling in the poor coverage spots.

Sadly our local councillors are campaigning against the mast so I would urge any interested parties to raise this during the election campaign, they can be contacted by email,,

More information on the location of the mast can be found here

You can email your support for the mast to Mike O Brien, Councillor for Rainham using this email . Hopefully with enough emails he will realise the majority are in favour of the mast going ahead.

NOTE: If you are concerned about mobile phone masts then check on the locations that are already in place including opposite Parkwood school in the centre of the Parkwood residential area. An additional mast will have no impact on any radiation levels based on the number that already are constructed. You can check the locations of mobile masts in Rainham at this website
You will see that there are currently 3 masts in the centre of Rainham (Brown St/Quinnell St) and one at Rainham station, as well as 18 (yes 18) other masts in Wigmore/Hempstead including Woodside and Fairview Avenue. All are in the middle of residential areas.


WillB85 said...


Do you know what network the proposed mast is on? Better Vodafone coverage at the small-holder's club would be nice.

It would be nice if the same old permanently outraged Luddites could just find something better to do with their time. Read a book, learn a skill, go for walks or whatever, just stop getting in everybody else's way.

J Drew said...

I understand it is Vodafone - exactly the reason they want to place a mast in that location because coverage needs improving. I am with Vodafone and Wigmore doesn't have great coverage especially 3G.
Orange also has a blackspot around Woodside thanks to the people who blocked the mast there a couple of years ago.

WillB85 said...

I remember the banners they'd put up round there protesting, I hadn't realised they'd succeeded.

A high proportion of nimby busy-bodies must live around there I suppose.

J Drew said...

I've noticed that it is actually O2 proposing the mast in Wigmore and Vodafone for Hempstead. I would guess the Hempstead one would improve reception along the Capstone Valley where there is currently no indoor signal for any of the main networks I've tried.

Anonymous said...

I bought my property in Wigmore two years ago and I live opposite the phone mast in Fairview Avenue. All I can say is that my health has certainly been affected by the mast. Ringing in the ears is the major problem, when I am away from the property the ringing stops as soon as I come home it starts again, it has to be the mast. Contacted Council and Vodafone you just get the standard response.